Bodies On Line Personal Training Centers
Designed with ladies in mind (Men allowed if schedules permit)
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No pool, no sauna, no juice bar just results!

All of our facilities are located in the heart of the city. Our schedules are set up according to our trainer's availability.

A variety of trainer's with various schedules are offered to accommodate the busy schedules of most clients who attend.

Our facilities are fully equipped to accommodate training the entire body.

Since, we never take more than 2 clients per hour, there is never a wait or long lines to get on the equipment.  The most time you will spend in our facility is an hour and fifteen minutes.

We understand that time is money and we have done everything to make sure our clients get results and are not inconvenience by our trainers.

You are always welcome to tour our facility. Please call to set up an appointment so that clients sessions are not interrupted.  We work by appointment only!

Our facilities are set up to help you achieve maximum results:

3 Location
 York, Pennsylvania
Bel Air, Maryland
Baltimore, Maryland
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