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Our total body routines are guaranteed to get you in shape.

Our featured hour includes:

Warm up

You will only get about 10 - 15 minutes of cardiovascular work.   Some of our facilities have no Cardiovascular machines at all.  We consider the abs and waistline work to be plenty of warming up.  If a Cardio machine is present we will then allow the 10-15 minutes.   Or we will substitute flexibility and stretching for traditional treadmill and or bike warm-ups.


This is the most neglected area and usually the biggest on most people who are trying to get in shape.  We focus about 10 minutes on intense abdominal/waistline work.  When you factor in that we do about 6 exercises total you are looking at over 100 repetitions.  Very intense.  As a client progresses we then add ankle weights to increase the intensity and muscle in the stomach area.


For the women who attend we can either build your butt up and or reduce it.  We have incorporated old fashioned floor slimnastics to trim, shape and or reduce hips and thighs.  We also improve and get cellulite under control.  Squats, lunges, leg extensions, leg curls, leg presses,along with our great slimnastics and watch how your legs shape up...FAST.  We spend about 15 minutes on this area.  Our legs comprise about 90% of our bodies so it is important to train them properly and frequently.

*For those of you with knee, hip and other joint issues we have modified programs to assist you.


We spend another 10 minutes on this area.  A lot of people have fat on their backs too.  Ecspecially on the sides and around the lower back.  We do Lat pull downs, one arm rows, dead-lifts and or good mornings, seated rows and even upright rows which are great for targeting fat in the middle of our upper backs.


Flabby arms and arms that lack tone are not appealing.  For this area we spend about 5 minutes doing either straight bar curls and or dumb bell work.


We are careful with this very vulnerable part.  Over the years I have experienced a lot of clients coming in with torn rotator cuffs, bruised ligaments, and other shoulder related injuries prior to even starting our program.  It is a small muscle group that requires caution when training.  We do side laterals, over head presses with either dumb bells or the bar.  I am really not a big fan of front lateral and or bent laterals since most clients have a hard time executing them properly.  The way our programs are designed each muscle group is hit during the hour.   3-5 minutes on shoulder work.


We do triceps press downs, triceps extensions, french curls, kickbacks, and or dips.  We know with women "the wave" in the back of the arms are a problem and we focus on them.  5 minutes spent typically training triceps.


Light stretching and flexibility. 2 minutes.  Note since the whole program is built around weights we will give clients stretch charts to take home to assist with stretching

*All sessions are one hour in length

Please Note:

We can not waste time on stretching and Cardio work.  If that is what you are after go join an aerobic class or sign up for Yoga and or Pilates.  This is the wrong Place.

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