Bodies On Line Personal Training Centers
Designed with ladies in mind (Men allowed if schedules permit)
(717) 515-1892
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Packages/Payment Plans

We are proud to offer a variety of packages.   Our program guarantees you a pound a session if your goal is to loose weight.  The longer you train with us the better you will look.  The more visits you take the better the discount.

Payment Plans

30 visits = $1050 = $35.00 an hour

25 visits = $950 = $38.00 an hour

20 visits = $850 = $42.50 an hour

15 visits = $700 = $46.66 an hour

10 visits = $550 = $55.00 an hour

Paying on a per session basis is $60 an hour
*This will include a diet and if you stay we will allow you to transfer the cost to a full package.

We accept cash, Master Card/Visa and debit cards.  There is a $35 fee on all returned checks.

 Payment plans available on an individual basis.


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