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Designed with ladies in mind (Men allowed if schedules permit)
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Welcome to Bodies On Line Personal Training. We have been transforming bodies and helping women achieve great results for over 17 years. Recently we have been training some men who are mostly partners to the women we service.

Our facilities are like no other. We are not state of the art, we don't have a lot of chrome, we don't boost machine duplication, this is not social hour, and you won't find your life mate here.

What you will find are qualified and certified trainers who will motivate and help you achieve results. We take the result part seriously.

Whether it is to build your body, tone it up, firm, and or reduce we can get you there. Our program works and is very simple. We place clients on the schedule at one of our clubs to come in 2 times a week for 2 totally supervised hours with a trainer.

  • Free weights and strength training is the focus of the entire hour.
  • We train your whole body.
  • The hour is split into body parts.
  • We focus on the entire person.
  • We will focus on your problem areas and improve the others.
  • You will notice visible results after only 3 visits (GUARANTEED).
  • We don't waste time on can do that by yourself. As a matter of fact we don't have cardio-machines in some of our locations and clients are still losing weight and toning up.

I am not saying cardiovascular work is not important, I am saying we don't waste time focusing your valuable time on it. Especially, since you are paying our trainers for their time, it is a little more costly than joining a gym for $30- $40 a month.

On the topic of diets...this is the one we all avoid. There is no substitute for good, clean, solid nutrition. Yes you have to diet, yes you have to eat better, and yes diet consultation, (on-going), is a big part of our program.

Don't kid yourself. You can join a million gyms, you can do cardiovascular work everyday, you can walk for miles, you can dust off your treadmill, jump rope......the list goes on. if your diet is a mess you will never get into shape.

Being toned, fit, firm, thinner all require a clean diet. DITTO. Without it you will never get fit and or into shape.

We are here to assist and support you. We are here to get you into shape. Our eating plans work.

My miracle diet, "The Basic Diet", based on 3 meals a day will guarantee you at least 3 pounds a week. if your goal is quick weight loss we recommend staying on it until you achieve your goal. Even when toning up, some weight loss may be required.

Sheritha, has created a turn key system that works. It does not take years, it does not require a long health club commitment, and we guarantee you the results!

Bodies On Line guarantees clients will lose a pound a session.    If you sign up for 10 visits and go on our basic diet we are sure you will lose 10 to 15 pounds.  Isn't that worth it?

Do your body a favor and sign up to do something that works.  "YOU'LL LOVE THE RESULTS".



Open daily when clients are present

(717) 515-1892
3 Convenient Locations
Baltimore, MD - 2539 Saint Paul Street  Baltimore, Maryland  21218

Bel Air, MD - 260 Gateway Drive suite 3A
Bel Air, MD 21074

York, PA - 118 East King Street,
York PA  17014

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